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Meeting Notes -- 2005

Oct.19, 2005 -- AVMUG Special General Meeting

Our meeting started at 7:15 p/m with our Vice President Kevin Hirschbuehler at the helm. He introduced the guest speaker known as "The Digital Photo Guy" who gave an excellent presentation on the use of Digital Cameras, along with many tips for their use. He particularly stressed a warning about special handling for rechargeable batteries, small but mighty and dangerous if not handled correctly.

We had the largest turn out ever with guests, members, the 4-H club and from the local Camera club. A total of 97 people in all, plus the speaker and his wife. We had over 30 guests in attendance along with our AV MUG regular members. A fantastic turn out with refreshments donated by our local Senior Center. A special thanks to them for their support for this meeting.

Our 50/50 drawing was won by Ed Groth who took home $52.00, his new name is lucky ED after winning another prize in the course of the evening. TWO FOR YOU ED, way to go.

Winners of our monthly drawings were as follows:

Ray Santana
Doug Corbett
Deana Jones with 2 wins
Bobbie Draves
Bob Wade
George Becker
Susan Abel
Maxine Huntsucker
Eugene Johan
David Arnold

Some members or guests who may have won and whose names do not appear here, and there were a few, failed to let this past secretary know who they were. But AVMUG congratulates all the winners, and hope to see you join our club in the future. The club needs your help for the new year's elections which will be coming up soon .

Our meeting adjourned at 9:00 P/M.

This secretary has resigned from the club and thanks those who made it a fun job this past year, and to the new secretary, Lots of Luck.

Lori Johnson, Secretary AVMUG

Sept. 21, 2005 -- AVMUG General meeting

Meeting started at 7:10 pm with our Vice President Kevin Hirschbueler, presenting. We had 19 people attending, with two new guests: Clarence Martin and Bob Burns. Bob Burns won the special raffle of System Suite 5, and has been notified of his win and where to pick up his prize. Congratulations Bob, nice prize.

Announcements followed for the Oct. meeting (a special presentation by the Digital Image Guy), elections in November, and our Christmas party at the December meeting, including a shop, swap, and freebie table. A refreshment break was taken at 7:20.

Bob Lion, our Past President, presented a video taken during his trip to the South West Users Leaders Conference in San Diego. The video shown was on Microsoft's new products, including Windows Vista, Digital Image Suite, and Photo Story 3.1. Show time finished at 8:30 pm.

Winner of the 50-50 drawing was Bill Totton who generously donated his winnings back to the club.

Other winners:
Deana Jones, winning 3 prizes and donating 1 back to the club.
Bob Lion
Roy Piberman with 2 wins
Dee Matthews winning 2
Ed Groth 2 wins also, donating one back to the club
David Johnson
William Totton
Eve Wolowicz also with 2 wins
Ky Moffet
David Arnold

Members, if your name does not appear in the winners column, please remember to stop by the secretary's table to enable me to get the correct information from you. Thank you.

Roy Piberman has been kind enough for the past 3 meetings to help with setting up the refreshment table and with cleanup after the meeting. Many thanks Roy, your help has not gone unnoticed and is very much appreciated.

The meeting adjourned at 8:50 pm.

Lori Johnson, Secretary AVMUG

Aug. 17, 2005 -- AVMUG General meeting

Our meeting started at 7:10 pm with Vice President Kevin Hirschbueler conducting the meeting. Our club had a smaller then usual turnout this month with only 16 members attending. Due to the small group this month, the workshops were held in the main meeting room .

Notice of the upcoming need for a nominating committee for the November elections was announced, with no response from attending members, therefore it will have to be brought up once again at the Sept. meeting.

Our Sept. meeting will feature a videotape our Past-President Bob Lion made at the Southwest User Groups conference in San Diego. Bob spoke of the success of the trip, and detailed tips about the hotel and locations for future conferences.

Our usual refreshment break was at 7:40 resuming the meeting @ 8:05 pm. Club photographer Ray Santana took new photos of members for our website.

A new virus was brought up, with Vice President Kevin Hirschbuler stating that only Windows 2000 with Service Pack 1 is in danger of infection. Further discussions were made on this topic.

Our webmaster Ky Moffet handled one workshop dealing with motherboards and a demo of the Linux operating system, while our Vice President Kevin Hirschbuler handled the second workshop with a hands on for Laptop computers, by disassembling a laptop.

50/50 drawing winner for $16.00 was Roy Piberman, who also helped with the set up and clean up of refreshments. Thanks and congratulations Roy.

Other 50/50 winners:
Bill Totton -----2 wins
Ray Santana --- 2 wins
Bill Landis ---2 wins
Ed Groth---- 2 wins
Dave Francis
Robert Lion donated his win back.

Door Prize winners:
Ed Groth
Bill Landis
Dave Francis
Ray Santana
Doug Hill
Nancy Hill
David Johnson
Robert Lion
Roy Piberman
Dee Mathews

secretary Lori Johnson, and treasurer Ed Groth

secretary Lori Johnson, and treasurer Ed Groth

Congratulations to all the winners, and with that the meeting adjourned at 9:05 pm.

Lori Johnson, Secretary AVMUG

July 20,2005 -- AVMUG General meeting

The general meeting started at 7:05 pm with 27 people in attendence, including speaker Don Kozina of Computer Care along with his wife Lee Ann.

Our president Mike Okie II donated a combo CDRW and DVD-ROM unit, then due to a prior commitment, turned the meeting over to Past President Bob Lion. A special raffle is to be held for the winner for this item so desired by many members.

Our membership chairman, donated a video camera and tripod with assories to our club for future use. Many thanks for his generosity.

Board meetings and Gamers meetings, along with the distribution of newsletters before the General meeting, were also discussed.

Refreshments started at 7:25 and resumed at 7:40 with our guest speaker Don Kozina and his wife Lee Ann, owners of COMPLETE COMPUTER CARE (2330 Mall Loop Road in the Lancaster Market Place, just off Valley Central Way), gave an in depth talk on Spyware, using the projector for a hands-on demo for the members. Don gave an intense, precise, knowledgable and informative talk. He also demo'd Google's new "Earth" program, showing how the world has become digitized.

He also spoke of  Norton Ghost (a hard disk cloning tool) and Spoofstick (an anti-phishing tool). Dan then offered our club members the opportunity to purchase anything from his store at his cost, for the rest of the week. (This secretary and her husband are taking advantage of this generous offer to get their laptop upgraded!) Our members should thank Don by using his business to service our computers as needed and use his knowledge to fix our computer problems. The club thanks Don and his wife Lee Ann for their time, knowledge, and generosity.

Our usual refreshments were served with the addition of wonderful ice tea and lemonade (thanks, Lori!) due to our 3 digit weather demands. The Senior center is still using a temporary air conditioner that is so effective to stay cool the club had to turn it off at some point during the evening as believe it or not, members got cold! If you want to be cool, join the AVMUG!

Our 50/50 winner was John Wall winning $22.00 Congratulations John, and Mary Jane; he said it was for his bride.

Regular door prize winners:
Joyce Wiley
Charley Beckman
Bob Wade - 2 wins
Ky Moffet
Bill Landis - 3 wins
Ed Groth -3 wins
Don Wiley
Roy Piberman
Bob Lion
John Debs
John & Mary Jane Wall
Dee Mathews
Ed Totton

Ed Groth our treasurer kindly donated one of his wins back to the club. Thanks Ed.

The meeting adjourned at 9:05. Members, this was one of the nicest meetings and you our members made it possible. We need new members so do your best to recruit, and don't forget our refreshments come out of the club treasury, so please do your best to donate generously for future refreshments.

Club Secretary, Lori Johnson 7-23-05

June 15, 2005 -- General Meeting

The meeting started at 7:20 p / m with 23 people in attendance including the sign up of 2 new members, Bill Landis and Art Coons, bringing our club membership up to 57 persons.

Nancy Hill was kind enough to help set up the refreshments and to clean up after the meeting along with David Johnson. The usual fare of donuts and coffee, and tea was served by the club.

Workshops was the forum for this months meeting starting at 7:40 pm:

Room 103 -- Workshop attended by 8 members, with Vice President Kevin Hirschbuehler giving the class.

The FAQ workshop was attended by 12 members with  our membership chairman conducting the class -- before the 3 monitors crashed just prior to closing.

AVMUG regrets losing Ken Henderson, our hardware chairman, who attended his last meeting this month and is leaving us for Colorado. Ken, your help and support has been invaluable and our loss will be Colorado's gain in whatever you endeavor to do there. Ky Moffet has generously volunteered to pick up the slack created by your absence. Please keep in touch with the club and let us all know how you are doing. Your presence will certainly be missed.

Addendum to the May minutes -- Bill Totton should have been named as winner of the 50/50 drawing, who so kindly donated the money back to the club. Sorry for the over sight on the secretary's part Bill.

Drawings for this months June drawing are as follows, with new club member Bill Landis winning the 50/ 50. Welcome to the club, Bill, and congratulations.

This month's winners:

Bill Landis
Ed Groft
Bill Landis
Bob Wade
Ed Groft who donated his win back to the club
Tulley Becker
Art Coons
Bill Landis (again!)
Nancy Hill
Art Coons
Bob Wade (another lucky guy!)
David Arnold
John Debs
Ed Groft (hey, is this guy lucky or what?)
Don Willey
Joyce Willey
Dee Matthew
and two people whose names we didn't catch.

Congratulations to all the winners and the club hopes you enjoy your prizes.

The meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm, not running into overtime this month.

-- Lori Johnson, Secretary, AVMUG

May 18, 2005 -- General Meeting

The General Meeting started at 7:15 PM with 25 members in attendance, including 2 guests.

Kevin Hirschbuler gave a lengthy talk on the pros and cons of using eBay. The utilization of the projector made clear viewing for attendees to see how eBay actually works. Kevin explained in depth how eBay auctions work; also discussed were security matters while using eBay. The how to of money matters were explained fully along with cautions regarding overseas and third world countries that should be avoided to prevent identity theft and scams. There was a question and answer period following the presentation.

Our drawing for door prizes ran a little later then usual with the winners as follows:

The 50/50 drawing was won by Robert Wade who so generously donated the $22.00 back to the club treasury.

Winners of the monthly door prizes were:
-- Bob Lion
-- Art Coons (guest)
-- Bob Wade
-- David Johnson
-- Curt Crawford
-- David Arnold
-- Ken Henderson
-- Ed Groth
-- Don Bogart
-- John Wall

Donuts and drinks were provided by the club and the meeting adjourned at 9:30 pm.

-- Lori Johnson, secretary AVMUG

2-16-05 - General Meeting

The February meeting took place at the Lancaster Senior Center with 32 people in attendance. The board members present were:

  President ---------- Mike Oke II
  Past President ----- Bob Lion (advisor)
  Treasurer ---------- Ed Groth
  Secretary ---------- Lori Johnson
  Photographer ------ Ray Santana

Michael Oke II
Michael Oke II

guest speaker from the LA District Attorney’s office, Luis Alvarez
Luis Alvarez,
from the LA District Attorney’s office

There were a total of 5 new guests present, including Ruth Slocum who became a member along with her daughter Janet Buckle as a family. Other guests were Esther Mcdonald, Nancy Hills, and Shereen Green. Meeting started at 7:10 P.M. with a guest speaker from the LA District Attorney’s office, Luis Alvarez.. His agenda covered ID theft, protecting kids on the Internet, fraud and corruption on the Internet, Internet crime, and responsibilities of the District Attorneys office. He also covered how to file a report with the DA's office and how to send reports to all 3 major credit bureaus in the event of identity theft. Refreshments were donated by our new president Mike Oke, and the donuts were once again a big hit. Members were grateful that they finally had hot water to make their tea and hot chocolate, due to an electric hot pot donated by the Johnsons.

Winners of the door prizes:
  Ruth Slocum -- who won the singing dogs
  Evangeline Woloski -- winner of 2 door prizes
  Ken Henderson
  John Debs
  Doug Hills
  Paul Woodruff
  Nancy Hills
  Dan Bogart
  Curt Crawford

32 members and guests!
Everyone seemed to enjoy the meeting as informative,
and the social time to interact with each other.
It was adjourned at 9:20 pm.

 -- Lori Johnson, secretary AVMUG

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