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Meeting Notes -- 2004

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January 2004
Secretary's Notes  
Door Prizes  
Member's CD File Splitter, IZArc, URLRun, Restoration, Adobe Acrobat Reader 6
February 2004
Secretary's Notes V.P gave presentation on MS Office 2003 using the clubs projector. Covered were Word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook.
Door Prize Winners Dena Anthony, J.B. Brown, Curt Crawford, Don Adams, Don Borgart, Ed Groth, and Alan Rinker
Members CD RAMBooster, AasBackup, Sygate Personal Firewall, Post-it Notes, CPU Stability Test, CDChecker
March 2004
Secretary's Notes Dan Kozina of Complete Computer Care gave a presentation on Outlook and Outlook Express, Primarily in backing up and retrieving of data.

Bonus door prizes were donated by the Guest Presenter, Don Kozina of Complete Computer Care.

Door Prizes USB Flash Memory Stick won by Roy Piberman, and D-Link USB 4 Port Hub won by Marty Graham.

Our 50/50 winner for March was Bob Swank. Way to go Bob. 

Monthly meeting prizes won by: Al Boyd, Lanelle Jacoby, Don Adams, Ruth Moore, Don Bogart, Keven Hirschbuehler, and Ed Groth.

Member's CD Directory Printer, Filex, i.Disk, Archive Peek, RegMagic,WinMX
April 2004
Secretary's Notes  
Door Prizes 50/50 was won by Mr. Charles Shumate (a special thanks for your donation to the club).
Member's CD AVAST!, AVG A/V, EZBack-it-up, Freash Diagnose,  ICQ,  List Maker
May 2004
Secretary's Notes Our 3 workgroup project was a hit. They will meet and participate every other month. Came join us you'll learn and enjoy.
Door Prizes 50/50 was won by Mr. Roy Pibermann (a special thanks for your donation to the club). 1- CDR's, Fellows Copy Stand, 1 Ream of Paper 102/24, McAfee Antivirus Software, Master it! WinXP Registry Software, Roxio Easy Cd Creator Software, Inter Video DVD Copy.
Member's CD IrfanView, MyUninstaller, FolderBackup, ZipGenius, and the Newsletter.
June 2004
Secretary's Notes Mr. Harley Hahn gave a great presentation on viruses, worms, and macro-viruses.
Door Prizes 50/50 was won by Mr. Ed Groth.

Monthly meeting prizes were won by: Tully Beacker, J.B. Brown, Ed Groth, Ken Henderson, Roy Pibermann, Allen Rinker, Ray Coronado, and Bob Swank.

Member's CD Copy Muppy, E-Cleaner, Emailstripper, Image Browser Artic, System Restore, and Window Watcher.
July 2004
Secretary's Notes We had 7 new members join AVMUG. Welcome! Judy Taylour (APCUG) was our guest speaker and she also donated 3, 17" monitors to the club. 50/50 was won by Mr. Ray Santana (a special thanks for your donation to the club). Special Drawing for DVD-RW was won by Curt Crawford.
Door Prizes Monthly meeting prizes were won by: Kevin Hirshbueller, Don Bogart, Joyce Willey, Maryanne Lee, J.B. Brown, Charles Beckman, Eve Wolowicz, Gerry Anderson, Ray Coronado,
Member's CD Dll Orphans, Jet Toolbar, Kill-Win, Reg Key, UnzipMe, Winuscon, WinXP Boot Disks, X-Setup Pro
August 2004
Secretary's Notes  
Door Prizes  
Member's CD  
September 2004
Secretary's Notes Special thanks to Ms. Sandra Huszar for her demo on transferring photos/lettering to fabric.
Door Prizes Door Prize winners were: Dave Johnson, Ester McDonald, Ed Groth, Ken Henderson, Charlie Beckman, Marty Graham, Alan Rinker, JB Brown, Gerry Anderson, Bob Swank, David Francis, Kevin Caricofe. Special thanks go to Dave Johnson winner of the 50/50, who donated his winnings back to the club.
Member's CD  
October 2004
Secretary's Notes  
Door Prizes
Door Prizes were won by JB Brown, Ken Henderson, Marty Graham, Kevin Hirschbuehler, Roy Piberman, Alan Rinker, Don Bogart, Charles Beckman, Ray Coronado, Tully Becker, and Ed Groth. Raffle prize winners were Gerry Anderson, Mike Mendoza, Ed Groth, and David Francis. The DVD Player was won by Ed Groth, who donated it back to the club.
Member's CD Bounce Spam Mail, CD Check, CWShredder, FastCache, FreeRip MP3, and Mozilla Firefox.
November 2004
Secretary's Notes  
Door Prizes  
Member's CD  
December 2004
Secretary's Notes  
Door Prizes  
Member's CD  

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