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Antivirus Products and Updates

The Hackfix Project offers a weekly newsletter to inform you of updates to antivirus scanners and their definition files. Also on their site, you can find information on how to remove common trojans. Here is their current list of antivirus products:

All Software is listed Alphabetically by company name, as some companies have more then one product.

Aladdin Knowledge Systems

Esafe Desktop/Gateway/Enterprise
To update your software
Visit http://www.esafe.com/esafe/downloads/virusig.asp
from the Esafe folder in your Start Menu select Download Updates

AlWil Software

Avast Antivirus
To update your software:
Visit http://www.avast.com/
Right click on the AVAST icon in the system tray, Select iAVS Update, AVAST will check for updates and download the appropriate files as needed.

Authentium Software Systems

Command antivirus
To update your software
Visit http://www.authentium.com/support/downloads/index.cfm

Center for Antivirus Technologies (CAT)

To update your software
Open Quickheal select Utility from the top toolbar and liveupdate. Follow the onscreen prompts. Alternately you can select Liveupdate directly from the QuickHeal program menu on the startmenu.

Computer Associates

To update your software
Visit http://www3.ca.com/support/vicdownload/
From the Respective folder in your Start Menu select Autodownload

Vet Antivirus
Visit http://www.vet.com.au/html/software/update.html
Be sure to have your Customer ID and your registered email address handy for verification.

**Note from the Hackfix Project**
We knew this time would come eventually, that Computer Associates would not continue to support/update the older program -- https://www2.my-etrust.com/services/ipe_support??

Frisk Software Systems

F-Prot (free for private use) and F-Secure
To update your software
Visit http://www.f-prot.com/download/home_user/

GeCad Software

Rav (Reliable AntiVirus)
To update your software:
Visit http://www.ravantivirus.com/pages/dldupdate.php?type=Daily
Open Rav and select Rav Update from the toolbar

Grisoft Inc.

Announcing the End of Support for AVG Anti-Virus 6.0 (December 31, 2004)
Read more here: http://www.grisoft.com/us/us_avg6_termination.php

To update your software
Visit: http://www.grisoft.com/us/us_index.php
Open AVG and click Virus Database to check for updates
Open AVG control centre and click Update Manager/update now

**Note: To help speed up AVG updates you can set your program to use an alternate download site. Open AVG control centre->update manager->download from server. The drop downbox should have listed www.grisoft.com (default) and www.grisoft.cz. (be sure to select "apply" when done to save the changes) The default site is most often used so can at times become temporarily unavailable. By using the secondary site (www.grisoft.cz) helps to ease the load on the main server, and makes your update go quicker since most people don't use it!


To update your software
Visit http://www.free-av.com/antivirus/allinonen.html
Open AntiVir, from the top toolbar select Tools->start internet update and follow the on screen prompts.

To update your software
Visit http://www.centralcommand.com/updates.html
Open Vexira, from the top toolbar select Tools->start internet update and follow the on screen prompts.

Vexira Antivirus is marketed by Central Command, but it is the same program as AntiVir, under a different name.


Kaspersky Anti-Virus (formerly AVP)
To update your software
Visit http://www.kaspersky.com/updates.asp
Open AVP from the top toolbar click Tools-> Update virus definition
From the Kaspersky folder in your Start Menu select AVP updater

*Note* AVP now has available a cumulative update and a daily update, with the daily being any important items they feel shouldn't wait till the next cumulative update.

**Note: Improved update accessiblity. To ease the update web traffic Kaspersky labs has additional servers for autoupdating. The program defaults to use one server but can be altered to check a variety of servers. Select Kaspersky updater, select update via the internet to open the drop down box(es), select "location". Check the box labeled "Use alternate locations from the list", select next and next to update. This option should stay selected after the first time. This helps Kaspersky lighten their server's load for updates, and helps you obtain updates easier.

Network Associates

To update your software
For Mcafee
Visit http://www.networkassociates.com/us/downloads/updates/superdat.asp
(for Virus and Engine updates)

(Product no longer available for new users however updates still available for current users):
Visit http://download.mcafee.com/updates/4x.asp
IMPORTANT: When you get to this site you may notice that it refers to VirusScan. This update is not only for VirusScan. It also works with Dr.Solomon.
Open your respective software virus scan scheduler, double click Auto update, click Run Now to do a manual live update, or click Schedule to set up a timed live update.

Norman Data Defence

Norman Virus Control
To update your software
Visit http://www.norman.com/downloads.shtml#definition_files_updates
Be sure to have your Valid Username and password handy for verification.
From the Norman folder in your Start Menu select Internet Update

**Note Norman Virus Control web updates are only for version prior to 5.0. Norman 5.0 can only be updated via the update in the program itself.

Thunderbyte Anti Virus
Current Version: This product is no longer supported.


BitDefender (Previously known as AVX - AntiVirus eXpert as of Nov 06/01)
To update your software
Visit http://www.bitdefender.com/bd/site/downloads.php?menu_id=19&s_id=3
Open BitDefender select Protection Options->live upgrade
From the BitDefender folder in your Start Menu select Bitdefender Live
Press Release on the software change


Sophos Anti Virus

To obtain the latest IDE files
Visit: http://www.sophos.com/downloads/ide/

**Note: Sophos does not update as other products do. They update the Engine/software once a month (or so) to include all the previous IDE files. New IDE files are available with new virus threats and must be downloaded individually until the next software update is available.


Norton AntiVirus

To update your software
Visit http://www.symantec.com/avcenter/defs.download.html
select your language -> product from the list
Open Nortons software and click the "live update" button
From the Nortons folder in your Start Menu select LiveUpdate - Norton Antivirus

Trend Micro

To update your software
Visit http://www.antivirus.com/download/pattern.asp
Be sure to have your Registration number handy for verification
Open PcCillin click Update then click Update Now (or Update later to Schedule a timed update)

Remember -- your anti virus software is only as good as the user... If you don't keep it updated it won't provide you with maximum protection.

Please tell the Webmaster about other antivirus products that provide regular updates, and about any dead links.

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